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Meeting six with the team. December 04, 2011.

The team met for the sixth time today. Our meeting consisted of empting out all the supplies we purchased for the VBS activities that will take place during the trip. We then filled sandwich bags with two coloring sheets, two crayons, two pieces of candy, and one balloon. VBS in the bush is not like the typical VBS we are used to here in the states. There we will have no classrooms we will simply be outside. Some other limitations include having few supplies and of course, the language barrier. Also for those not familiar in setting up a tent, they were given the opportunity in doing so during the meeting. I’ve typically been the one not to ask for anything during Christmas, however this Christmas my only desire is to be fully funded for my upcoming mission trip. I’m currently 62% funded and am relying solely on the generosity of those within my social web. I’m completely trusting in God to see my efforts come to fruition. I cannot thank enough those who have given thus far; you all are truly blessed with the gift of giving and not only am I grateful but I know our Heavenly Father is looking down with delight. If you felt led in supporting my efforts click on the link donate or the right to securely give online; my deadline is on December 18, 2011.

Bless and be blessed, Art

Meeting five with the team. November 13, 2011. 

Today the mission team met for the fifth time. We began by reading our devotionals and had the opportunity afterwards to share with each other our thoughts about it. Shortly after we once again had the privilege of listening to members of the team share their testimonies. It’s a neat experience listening to the testimonies being shared in our group due to the age range within the group. We were exposed to a couple of the games we will have the opportunity to play with the children of Uganda, by engaging in play of the games during our meeting. The discussion during this meeting covered the topic of what a typical day in the bush could look like for us during our time in Africa. God has blessed me immensely by allowing me to cross paths with some extraordinary individuals. It is by their generosity that I am forty-one percent funded for my trip. I am unbelievably touched by your faithfulness and my prayer for you all is that God continue to bless you. Once again I ask that you would prayfully consider supporting me either by prayer or financially. My first deadline for the trip is on November 22, 2011 in which I need to have $1,800 secured to provide for my travel arrangements. By clicking here you can make a secure online donation. Thank you all for your support.

Meeting four with the team. October 23, 2011.

Today the team met for our fourth meeting. It was an honor to get to meet the couple (the founders of Villages of Hope Africa) I have been hearing so much about them since the team began meeting; they by the way will be joining us on the trip. Like last time, today we began with a short devotional then we listened to a few other testimonies of members of the team. To me it’s interesting listening to other individual’s testimonies. We have no idea the trials and victories that other’s have had to experience in their lives. There is no way knowing these things without creating a relationship with those individuals and opening up to each other through the establishment of trust. We did another team building activity where we were exposed to what it would be like to try and communicate with an individual where there is a language barrier between the two, something we will definitely experience being in Africa. The team spent the latter part of the meeting listening to David and Dana Mann share the mission of Villages of Hope Africa. It was such an inspiration listening to them speak about the simplicity of sharing the gospel to others who have never had the opportunity, until now, to hear it. To hear it from someone who has traveled two days by air simply to take the time and show up at their huts, only to see the expression on their face, fills my heart with warmth to know I will have the opportunity to be a part of this experience. There are two methods that you can join me in this experience the first is by prayer and the second is by your financial support. To the right is a link labeled ‘donate’ where you can make a secure online donation. Please consider supporting me in any of the two ways mentioned above. I thank you in advance and pray that you be blessed. Art

Meeting three with the team. October 2, 2011

Friends and family I’m in the process of raising funds for a mission trip to Gulu, Uganda, Africa. Part of the process is to meet with the team that I will be traveling with. We met this past Sunday and I had the opportunity of listening to a few testimonies of a few group members. Also we were provided with a synopsis of the history of Uganda, to include the hardships and victories that the Ugandan people have had to experience throughout their history thus far. We were also provided with many other interesting facts that will aid us in familiarizing ourselves with the Acholi culture. Throughout the last three meetings we have been growing closer and closer as a team with the assistance of a devotional at the beginning of our meetings and with different group building activities. To the right is a link where you can make a secure online donation to aid me in my fundraising efforts. I pray that you consider supporting me in any of both methods outlined on the home page. I thank you and pray many blessings for you and your families. Be blessed. Arturo Enriquez Jr.

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